Firefly Source Released (

Hey all!

The initial developer release of the Firefly source code is now available and Ethers Wallet has been updated with Firefly support.


  • Cheap – build one for around $5 in parts
  • Securely air-gapped – uses BLE to receive transactions and QR codes to send signed data
  • Mobile-friendly – No cables or adapters required, just scan the QR code
  • Open source – schematics, breadboard prototype, Arduino sketch and libraries

Please note this is the version 0 (v0) protocol, which communicates over an encrypted channel using a symmetric key shared during pairing and the private key is placed onto the Arduino at compile time, and stored unencrypted.

The version 1 (v1) protocol will use ECDH during pairing and the private key will be stored encrypted on the Firefly for a much more secure experience.

We just wanted to get this out into the world so people can start experimenting with it and get some feedback. We will be posting some YouTube videos over the next few days to help you get up to speed building and using the Firefly.

Thanks! Let us know what you think.

P.S. If you are the developer of a mobile wallet (especially looking for Android) and would like to add support, we’d love to chat.

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