Blockchains LLC, which focuses on Ethereum, purchases 64,000 acres near Tesla Gigafactory in Tahoe-Reno Industrial Park

Interesting development…

" Blockchains LLC, is purchasing 64,000 acres at the Tahoe-Reno Industrial Center, with the deal expected to fully close by the first week of February, said Lance Gilman, principal and director of the industrial park.

The industrial park that plays host to Tesla, Google and Switch in the Reno area is almost sold out as a blockchain software company is finalizing plans to buy more than half of its land.

The company specializes in financial services, security, software and apps using blockchain technology — a secure digital ledger or record that is typically associated with cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. Blockchains LLC specifically deals with the Ethereum blockchain, which anchors the second-biggest cryptocurrency in the world. The Ethereum cryptocurrency is only trumped by Bitcoin in terms of market cap."

" Blockchains will use 150 of the acres it purchased at the industrial center to build a campus park that will house the company’s headquarters, Gilman said. What the company will do with the rest of the land remains to be seen.

“I believe they’re going to showcase to the world everything that the blockchain technology is capable of,” Gilman said. “Now will they do all the work themselves or work with other developers to house other users? Only time will tell.”