Ethereum is not going to be out Ethereumed. A message for “Ethereum Killers”

I know many people missed buying 30 cent ETH and want to become rich by buying the next Ethereum. I definitely think if you get in early enough on a token or coin you can still make some decent profit. But don't confuse this with that token/coin being an Ethereum Killer. When it comes to smart contracts the only threat to Ethereum is Ethereum itself. The network and developer effects are too powerful at this point to overcome. If you believe Ethereum won't be the smart contract platform of the world than you believe the core developers and thousands of other developers behind Ethereum wont figure out a way to scale. You also believe that your coins much smaller developer team will figure out what Ethereum's developers can't. Don't be blind to the powerful forces of network effects. Look at history for examples of tech that became dominant. In most cases it wasn't even the best technically. TCP/IP, VHS Format, Inability to switch to the Metric system in the US. Hell even IPv6 is having a difficult time replacing IPv4 due to network effect. Also don't forget BTC. It's by far not the best crypto money out there but it's not going anywhere as it continues to show all of us. Keep your eyes open for what is happening around you and what reality is shaping up to be.