Guess who’s back? Gator’s back!
Oh Boy! Guess who’s back and has his panties all in a bunch? Its Gator! He’s been eyeing this mammoth triangle for a couple weeks now and is drooling at the teeth in anticipation of its completion on or before………. the 27th (holy crap that’s tomorrow)! Yep, Gator thinks that this will spark a breakout as 2018 looks soooo juicy with good ETH news. Robinhood’s been skulking around, Casper is whispering “boo!” in Gator’s ear, and something something ETH futures and a Goldman Sach’s trading desk. Oh my, Gator is all in a tizzy this time. Gator knows that once we’re out of this bigly triangle, we could also break down, but he doesn’t think so. UP UP UP! is his jam because…. well, because he’s just so damn plucky!

Good Gator.