I need your advice! Is this going to far?

Okay, so I've heard of some pretty crazy stories about how people secure their recovery phrases, private keys, etc. Maybe I got caught up in it all, but let me know what you think!

So today I copied my Nano Ledger S recovery seed into a large dictionary–putting each of my recovery word's corresponding number next to its counterpart in the dictionary, essentially creating a lengthy puzzle and scrabbling my recovery phrase across a few hundred pages!

While ingenious in theory, what follows may be taking things a little to far. I then took the dictionary with me to the bank and opened a safety deposit box where it now sits idle, waiting to be taken out in case my Ledger becomes lost or stolen.

I invite you to tell me what you think and how you secure your coins, as I'm pretty sure I'm taking things a bit overboard to say the least. Thank you, in advance!

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