Is Goldman Sachs planning a cryptocurrency desk using 0x?

So we know Goldman Sachs is planning a cryptocurrency trading desk:

Now something interesting I've also noticed, is that The Ocean X, powered by 0x, has an interesting team:

If you look at the 3rd person, John Piotrowski, and check his LinkedIn page, you'll notice he is currently Vice President at Goldman Sachs, Finance Division, Capital Analysis:

It also shows him doing "Business Development" for The Ocean X for the past couple of months. Yeah sure, going from Vice President at Goldman Sachs to Biz Dev guy for some startup while maintaining current status for both positions sounds like a totally natural career move. /s

The Bloomberg article says Goldman is "assembling a team in New York". The Ocean X now looking for a "Community Director" in New York, NY? –

I wonder who else in the 0x ecosystem has ties to Goldman Sachs? Oh right, the co-founder of Coinbase, Fred Ehrsam, who now advises for 0x, was previously with Goldman Sachs:

We know Goldman Sachs owns the SETLCoin patent, maybe they want to use 0x to connect SETL to other assets? –

Another thing, on homepage, they say "Our mission is to build the world’s largest, deepest, and best supported token liquidity pool." Key words being "liquidity pool". Goldman Sachs' liquidity pools are called "Sigma X". – Any coincidence The 0cean recently rebranded to The Ocean X? –

Funny sidenote, their Sigma X platform executes orders using an NBBO they nick-named "Ocean".