[Official Announcement] OriginTrail report on market development 2017 — Southeast Asia and China

A brief recap of interesting stats, facts and unlocked achievements:

  • 100.000 km + of business travels (Shanghai 6x, Hong Kong 3x, Singapore 2x, Bangkok 2x, Beijing 1x and Yantai 1x);
  • OriginTrail Protocol presented and showcased at 6 conferences, 3 meet-ups and at a demo day;

  • Admission into Bits x Bites business accelerator in China;

  • Confirmed partnership with Yimishiji commerce for high end foods to enhance transparency and food safety with 700 + suppliers

  • Project office established in Shanghai;

  • Feasibility project with Yimishiji ERP system completed, OriginTrail alpha test network deployed to handle data from selected suppliers (preview available this week);

  • Admission into Walmart Food Safety Collaboration Center’s Innovation Pipeline programme (October);

  • Walmart Food Safety Collaboration Center Innovation Spark Award (November);

  • Key areas to address in 2018 identified: product safety and authenticity, last mile delivery optimization, data privacy, insurance and international trade finance.

Full article – https://medium.com/origintrail/origintrail-report-on-market-development-2017-southeast-asia-and-china-532a7ee2a228

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