Terrible Token Tuesdays – 7 upcoming ICOs to avoid.

Our community has been going through ICO pitches, and we’ve identified a handful of opportunities to get your SOMO going. (Satisfaction Of Missing Out)

Sphere – Only one person on the team has Sphere listed on their Linkedin. No details on how users can control their data, and benefit from discounts or how businesses will access targeted consumers.

Optonium – Fake team using stock images sourced from the USDA. Sections of the whitepaper are PLAGIARIZED from WePower.

Livetree Adept CEO using multiple names (same address) to manage several companies. Project has no Github to show any development, and supposed partners links redirect to home pages.

GoHelpFund – Team has no industry experience. None of the partners are linked to charity organizations. No one on the team lists GoHelpFund on their Linkedin profiles. Forecasting their own growth potential.

Movement App – Promising future earnings (60x). No one on the team (including CEO) has any retail or sport industry experience. Roadmap does not include any strategy for product adoption.

Doc Coin – Roadmap has 6 month gap at key point of project between October 2017 to April 2018 and launch of App unlikely to take place until 12 months after ICO. Using a platform that manages health records does not enable Doc Coin to bypass state and health authorities, this could be a breach of HIPAA regulations.

KODAKOne – Lack of transparency by a team trying to hide Papparazzi business roots, with Kodak’s limited involvement (brand name licensing). The actual tech will be developed by Appcoin Innovations a company without any track record (Blockchain or not) and with no employees.

The ConcourseQ team would like to thank m1tzu_79, djh82uk, deez central eyes and all the community for their contributions.

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