Happy Birthday Vitalik Buterin!

Vitalik Buterin is 24 years old today, and even though I'm about a decade older than him, I really look up to and admire him. He has dedicating himself to a cause that is so much bigger than himself or any of us. There aren't many 24-year-olds who would do that, especially if they had the kind of money he has. He isn't in this for the money. He wants to help people and make the world a better place. I believe Ethereum is going to change the world. It will lead to a tremendous amount of economic growth and provide incredible opportunities for everyone, including the very poorest on the earth. All of us, as investors, are very fortunate to have Vitalik as a visionary/thought leader. I'm indebted to him for how this investment has changed my life. Long live Vitalik! Thank you and happy birthday!