New crypto currencies that got listed in CoinMarketCap today. Some of them that you might want to have a look at for an early stage investment – Blackmoon, Zeepin, CPChain

New crypto currencies that got listed in CoinMarketCap today –

Blackmoon (BMC*): rank: 331, price: 1.21684, market cap: 25557542.0

GCN Coin (GCN): rank: 546, price: 0.0000478158, market cap: 7209539.0

Zeepin (ZPT*): rank: 1154, price: 0.180497, market cap: None

Electronic PK Chain (EPC*): rank: 1156, price: 0.121876, market cap: None

HalalChain (HLC*): rank: 1164, price: 0.440696, market cap: None

CPChain (CPC*): rank: 1189, price: 0.381953, market cap: None

Health Mutual Society (HMC*): rank: 1191, price: 0.161451, market cap: None

OceanChain (OC*): rank: 1205, price: 0.0173783, market cap: None

ValueChain (VLC*): rank: 1211, price: 0.106436, market cap: None

Candy (CANDY*): rank: 1214, price: 0.00170297, market cap: None

Speed Mining Service (SMS*): rank: 1215, price: 87.0987, market cap: None

Bitcoin White (BTW): rank: 1230, price: 0.288113, market cap: None

Equal (EQL*): rank: 1236, price: 0.00827868, market cap: None


*Not Mineable

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