Tether Suspicion is not “FUD”

Yes, it is possible Tether has 2 billion dollars. That shouldn’t be the main focus of this debate.

What confuses me about the people screaming FUD, is why are you not concerned about the complete lack of transparency?

Tether promised frequent audits. There hasn’t even been one. There has been zero proof of solvency. Why are you blindly trusting that they are solvent?

It’s not unreasonable, and it certainly isn’t FUD, to be slightly suspicious of a company that promised to be transparent and then has been the complete opposite.

Why would a solvent company not release an audit after they promised they would do so frequently and in a transparent way?

We should be focusing on the complete lack of audits, not the possibility of them owning $2 billion.

Edit: Facts you don’t like are not FUD. It’s a fact there has been no audit