Grid+ Trustless Bridge Contracts v0.1 Released: Ethereum Scaling via EVM Sidechains

Alex Miller (/u/ethereum_alex ) just announced the release of v0.1 of Grid+’s Trustless Bridge contracts which will use a pair of contracts to link two separate EVM blockchains. He just tweeted out this announcement:

Just released v0.1 of Trustless Bridge contracts. Connect assets on any two EVM chains. Deposits/withdrawals work like a charm. Consensus/staking stuff still a work in progress, but minimum functionality is all there. Read up, fork away, enjoy!

On the team’s Telegram Alex said the next step is to work on the bridge client now that the contracts are functional, then get out an MVP with contracts, client, and web UI with a working bridge between Rinkeby and Kovan running on a few hardware Smart Agents or software emulations thereof.

With so many developers working on complementary Ethereum scaling solutions and comparing notes, 2018 and early 2019 are going to be gamechangers for the whole crypto ecosystem!

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