Introducing Crypto Jingles – First music based Ethereum game

Hi all,

We've just released a completely decentralized and open game based on the Ethereum blockchain. In short this is a game where you buy sound samples which you then combine into a jingle, where a jingle is an ERC721 token on ethereum.

How it's played

In the profile page you can buy samples (you need 5 of them to create a jingle).

After that in a compose tab you can mix you samples to create a jingle (samples go into that jingle).

You now have a brand new completely unique jingle (the image for each jingle is also unique and generated from the id of the jingle).

How it works

There are 100 types of sound samples, which are stored on a contract, every sound is uploaded on IPFS and it's hash is stored in a contract so we can't change it.

When you buy a sound sample you get a random number 1-1000, and based on that number you are given on of the sound samples. Random is done on chain by mixing (block.timestamp, block.hash, numOfSamples) given that samples are pretty cheap there is little incentive for miners to try to cheat (they would loose a lot more than they would gain).

Sound samples are tokens but they're not tradable, what is tradable is a Jingle token which is a full implementation of ERC721 standard. When you create a jingle, the sound samples get burned (deleted) as you now have a jingle which contains those sounds.

The marketplace is done through a simple contract, where you can set for sale, cancel sale and buy jingles all done through the contract.

Where's the ponzi?

There are no dividends, no gen0, no hidden contracts and server side algorithms. We wanted to keep the prices low, 1 sound sample will cost you a whooping 0.001 eth and for every successful sale we take a cut of 3%. If you want to avoid the 3% cut you can trade it directly. The contract is not upgradable, we cannot change the sounds, we cannot steal your money or your tokens, we can't event change the price of samples. The only extra control a owner has is that he can add new sound samples.






Smart contract: Crypto Jingles

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