Why We Started A Manipulation-Resistant Subreddit.

Why r/Layer2?

Have you noticed how manipulated ethereum subreddits are? We have.

Mods have to make a decision about how to filter posts:

While we can all agree that a front-page dominated by manipulated posts is suboptimal, what is the effect of high touch moderation? Text-only posts are great for important community discussions, but they are not suitable for all types of information. Medium posts and announcements from new and cool projects get caught in the spam filter just like everyone else, but those projects are the lifeblood of a growing community. We want a place for the community to learn about cool stuff and important news.

We call it r/Layer2. We think it compliments r/ethereum quite nicely.

Layer2 is a subreddit focused projects that are building on top of blockchains (so ethereum stuff, mainly). It has a unique moderation system; it is token- curated. Anyone may come on the ConcourseQ discord (https://discord.gg/KPcfhpj) and suggest an article. Only Layer2-Curators may nominate suggested items for the subreddit, and only Layer2-Curators may upvote items into the feed. Once an item gets the required upvotes (3), the ConcourseQ bot (“Mistake Not…”) will transmit the item to reddit.

Tokens Rewards:

Suggest an item that wins inclustion: +2 Qs

Nominate a suggest item that wins inclusion: +2 Qs

Nominate an original item that wins inclusion: +4 Qs

Upvote a nominated item that wins inclusion: +1 Q

What good are Qs:

Qs have no purpose yet.

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