Is Real Life Research possible with Ethereum / other crypto possible ?

If we go past the price, lambos and moon discussions, I wonder if this is possible to do with either Ethereum or another cryprocurrency:

  • Real life research that uses computer power to solve problems and would give a token in exchange ( just like PoW mining ), but it will also have real life utility and be stored on a blockchain

  • Real life research that uses human mind to solve puzzles. Raiblocks (NANO)used to ask people to solve captchas and it became a worthy currency. I'm talking about projects like Eve Online had/have: Project Discovery: Human Protein Atlas and Project Discovery: So basically this would be a mix of what Raiblocks and Eve did and would reward a cryptocurrency for solving the puzzle. Once again, this should have real life application, not just be an useless captcha puzzle and the results should be stored on a blockchain.

Why would anyone want this and why would it be a good idea ?

  • Pretty much every important discovery made by a lab / university / centralised organisation is kept under secret for quite a while, until they decide to monetize it ( for huge amounts of money that the users/citizens are paying). Storing it on a blockchain would solve the secrecy problem
  • Speed up innovation: there are never enough researchers, as it takes dozens of years to become a top one. If this job could be converted into puzzles that an average IQ person could solve and earn crypto at the same time, it would be the equivalent of hiring hundreads/thousands of new researchers
  • Domains like medicine, biology, physics, space exploration would always be in need of a such system, so the "puzzles" would never run out, once a previous problem is solved.

Do you think this would be possible within the crypto world ? It would deffinitely put crypto into a much better light and also help manking in the process. Vitalik Buterin posted a series on tweets in December 2017 about the amount of problems solved by crypto and the final answer was "not enough" (which was and still is correct)

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