Notes to self for the next bull run

  • It is not your divine right to see incredible gains in a matter of months. If you do, prepare to have them taken from you. It feels like you're doing something for this money because you can't switch off, but you're doing nothing. Don't expect something for nothing.

  • Never accept 10, 20, 30% per day rises as the norm. Look at all your coins and pick a point at which you would be happy taking profits, decide what percentage to take, then stick with it.

  • You will never successfully remember what correction blues feel like, so here's a reminder – it's a dull feeling of panic that, granted, gets less and less intense with every correction, but corrections like Feb 2018 scare the shit out of you. You feel like an idiot for getting suckered in. You have no control over anything here, and at no time is it more apparent than right now.

  • Stop looking at what everyone else is doing. They have their own plan, their own information, their own way of presenting it to the world. People find ways to make 100x gains. Good for them. If you want that you're going to have to do a LOT more research. As with point 1, you have no divine right to any gains, let alone 100x.

  • Don't kick yourself for not buying in this correction. You need the fiat you have. You have all crypto you need.

  • You tell yourself you've only invested money you can afford to lose, but is that true? In the face of actually losing most of it for years – because this is how people are talking now, as they always do – you can't afford to lose that money. Stop being a dick. Take some out.

  • Invest your time, imagination and patience in your family – they're on a bull run that will never end.