How can Ethereum compete with other Blockchain platforms that are more developer friendly?

To preface, I'm a long time holder of Ethereum and a big believer in their team and technology. That being said, I've had a few interesting conversations recently that have raised a concern.

I'm wondering if you guys think Ethereum can compete with other Blockchain platforms that are written in traditional programming languages. I believe that network effect of developer adoption is going to be huge in determining which platform succeeds in the long term. If the value of a platform is largely determined by the usage of the applications built on top of it, then the size of the developer population that can build apps on that platform will correlate highly with the quality and quantity of apps on that platform.

This is why I am wondering how something like Ethereum, which has its own programming language (solidity), can compete with other platforms that will allow programming in languages that many developers already know. Excited to hear your thoughts!

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