Introducing EasyTrade: a decentralized Shapeshift


for those people who are having a hard time using decentralized exchanges, let me introduce It basically works like Shapeshift but in a decentralized way.


You only have to set the amount of tokens that you want to buy or sell and submit the request to EasyTrade smart contract.


  • No need to deposit or withdraw tokens.
  • No need to deposit or withdraw ethers.
  • No need to wrap ethers.
  • No need to buy other tokens to pay fees.


Here are some further notes to understand how it works:


1) EasyTrade is a tool that provides you with the best combinations of offline orders for the amount of tokens that you want to buy or sell.

2) EasyTrade collects those offline orders from decentralized exchanges such as EtherDelta, Radar Relay, etc.

3) EasyTrade never holds your funds, not even the smart contract does.

4) You execute does orders by calling EasyTrade smart contract which then calls the exchange's smart contracts.

5) The rate limits you accept to exchange are enforced by the smart contract.


For those who want to learn more check our FAQ and our SMART CONTRACT


If you have more questions, want to chat about this project or join our team, do not hesitate to contact us.


Have a nice day!