Supporting the ETH Ecosystem via Dapps and games

Hi all. I'm one of the Dev's of a popular game based on Ether. I won't mention the name of the game because this post is not about shameless self advertising. I'd like to discuss what I think will determine the future of the ethereum ecosystem, it's success, adaptation, and maybe even what will finally lead to Ether taking the throne and making Bitcoin the altcoin. I have a vested interest in the success of Ethereum. I was a big supporter for the past year and I'm an even bigger supporter now when our game brought in about 1,200 ETH in revenues in 2 weeks since the launch of the game. But for me and my team this isn't about the crazy hype and short term success. We started the journey well funded with traditional investors behind us, who saw the potential in that cute digital scarcity game from December 17 and decided to take a big bet on our idea.

For us this is a long term mission of developing sustainable growing dapps based on Ethereum.

There is an understandable judgment and hostility against BlockChain games in this community, and we totally get it. People feel like Ethereum should be regarded as a serious investment. The premise behind what we're doing though is based on the assumption that mass adaptation can only be achieved by bringing Ether to the spotlight in the form of usable applications and games. Every new person who is exposed to an app or a game that's based on Ethereum is a new person who has to buy Ether, install a wallet and educate him/her self about what it's all about. Our motives are not altruistic of-course. My team and I are now holding very large amounts of ether. We're using our fiat funding for growth and trying to hodl as much as we possibly can while growing our company using USD funding. We want Ether to dominant and we are placing a giant bet on it. While many would convert this newly earned fortune into fiat and move onward to a new project, we are trying to take a longer term approach and create a large and sustainable ecosystem that is interesting enough for the general public to participate in. We recently decided to inject most of the ETH proceeds we generated in the last couple of weeks back into the game in the form for rewards and interest paid on holdings. We're doing this in order to sustain growth and support the momentum. Active players can vouch for the fact that we are really doing this on a daily basis in a transparent and fair way. Again, while these decisions on our part are far from altruistic, we believe that they at least deserve the support and encouragement of the core community of ETH cryptoheads such as yourselves.

Thank you ETHtrader for being a source of knowledge for us for a long time, and introducing us to a technology that turned out to be life changing for some of us. Regards from the team of an unmentioned Crypto Game. (: