Official MyEtherWallet Statement

Official Statement Regarding yesterdays' events and status of MyEtherWallet

Hello Everyone,

By now, you may have already read the article at medium. For those of you who do not know me, I founded MyEtherWallet (“MEW”), and I believe that I owe our Ethereum community, and the crypto community at large, an explanation of yesterday’s events.

Before I do, a brief history about me: I’ve been intrigued by Ethereum ever since the release of their yellow paper back in 2014. Upon reading it, I realized that Vitalik was a true visionary and became infatuated with the technology behind Ethereum. Specifically, I understood all the transformative possibilities that this type of technology presented now and in the future. When the Ethereum Foundation released the “Mainnet,” however, I recognized that many users were struggling. With no graphical user interface, many early adopters were having difficulty accessing and transferring their Ether. I saw an opportunity to contribute to this new, emerging community, and seized it.

I began working on a user interface to be used in conjunction with, and in support of, Ethereum wallet functionality that any new crypto adopter could feel comfortable using. I released my initial version, and published it on Reddit on August 11, 2015 (MEW’s birthday!). I designed it to be open source so that others like me could make modifications to my existing codebase, and continue improving user-friendliness and functionality over time.

However, as a core developer and programmer, business development/designing were, admittedly, not my strength. I needed someone to take the lead on that front if I wanted MEW to grow its userbase. I brought my friend, Taylor M., on board knowing that she was up to the task. Let’s just say that she did not disappoint, and MEW took off much faster than either of us could have anticipated. I will always be appreciative of her efforts in helping MEW achieve the success it did.

Alas, for reasons I cannot delve into here, our partnership had to end. During the transition yesterday, however, MEW’s Twitter account was switched from @myetherwallet to @mycrypto, and tens of thousands of MEW followers were left scratching their heads. Indeed, the change was unexpected, and I’m still in the process of determining the justification behind the switch, and how this issue will be resolved. I don’t know what the fall out from this will be ultimately, but I will not be on the offensive or defensive discussing the circumstances surrounding our decision to separate beyond my statement here.

Instead, my focus will be (as it’s always been) on how best to improve MEW for existing and prospective users. Security is paramount these days, and me and my new team will remain vigilant in ensuring that the MEW website, your accounts, and more importantly, your ether and tokens, are safe. Rest-assured that MEW is the same product that you trusted yesterday, and the MEW team will work tirelessly to make sure it is the product you still trust tomorrow. The Ethereum community inspired me to create MyEtherWallet, and it still inspires me today. I am not going anywhere. Furthermore, for those of you wondering where I’ve been or what I’ve been working on the past several months, I’ve been busy doing what I do best—so get ready for some new and exciting products/services in the pipeline. Stay tuned!

In any event, I must admit that competition is a good thing because it serves as a driving force behind innovation. Look at the world around us. Complacency simply means one will get left behind. That being said, I sincerely wish Taylor M. and MyCrypto the very best. Your presence in the crypto space will undoubtedly motivate me to continue raising the bar.

Thank you all for your support over the last few years, and hopefully, in the years to come. MEW’s team remains committed to you, and is available to answer any and all questions or concerns you may have.

Truly yours,
Kosala H.

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