“no. shut the f*ck up. this is f*cking crypto and you are literally sitting here saying that you f*cking FAILED TO CHECK THE TX HASH BECAUSE YOU TRUST US. This is crypto and no one should trust anything. If you were blindly going to send money, um, use a bank?”–The CEO of MyCrypto

Here's the link: https://www.reddit.com/r/ethereum/comments/6b1btx/trouble_finalizing_ens_auctions_mew/dhj5z0s/

Archive: https://web.archive.org/web/20180210144810/https://www.reddit.com/r/ethereum/comments/6b1btx/trouble_finalizing_ens_auctions_mew/dhj5z0s/

But now it's all smiles and kindness and professionalism because she wants us to buy her "rebrand." This whole thing reeks of a "hey I really want your business for my new company so from now on i'll be nice and smiley to everyone."

For anyone who's thinking about buying the whole "they did this for FREE" nonsense–don't be naive. These people had an interest in crypto and the desire to build something to enable that world, but they're not a charity, and they never were. The world of freeware has been dictated by the free market–that's why the App Stores and Google Play are overloaded with free apps, because if you charged money for it, no one would buy it and it would be significantly harder to grow an audience…and make no mistake, friends: in this world the audience is often times as valuable (if not more) than the product itself. /u/insominiasexx stole an audience.

Yes, they could have raised an ICO and garnered $50 million, but they didn't. Frankly speaking: they should have. But they didn't and that was their choice. There is absolutely nothing wrong with raising money in an ICO–especially for an existing product with a demonstrable use, and MEW would have been the perfect fit for an ICO.

This product wasn't built for product outright, but there was always the hope that one day it could be monetized. Either way, they understood/understand that an engaged audience is worth its weight in gold–even if they haven't yet proffered a cent to your cause.

There's one last point: if she didn't expect her so-called "rebranding" to whip up a storm of drama in the ETH community, if she exhibited such horrendous judgement to simply change a twitter handle in a world of Phishing and hacks where people loses hundreds of thousands of dollars…does she really know this community well enough to be trusted as the CEO of a massive crypto wallet? A wallet to whom you trust your hard earned money?