What’s that? Civilization DAPP on the blockchain?!

Let me introduce you to a brand new game concept available to test in it's early stages right now: https://cryptocities.net/

Here's a brief welcome guide to the game: https://steemit.com/games/@ethgames/what-is-cryptocities-net\

Do NOT confuse this game for another cryptocelebs copycat, this is a brand new concept reversing the crypto kitties idea of generations, where instead of cities becoming weaker, they gain strength when discovered dependent on the amount you own and the level the ones you hold currently are. Phase 1 allows you to buy, rent and discover new cities linked to real world locations via google maps, the goal of Phase 1 is the race to a level 50 city, in preparation for later stages of development. Feel free to drop any comments if you have any further questions.

Community discord: https://discord.gg/hMVVQhz

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