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I think the view of the more visible members of Ethereum community on what happened with MEW is not representative of the wider Ethereum community (see From what I gathered, they are more shocked by the reaction of the community than they are of the actions of /u/insomniasexx. I think that's mainly because they know /u/insomniasexx personally and they let emotions / attachment (apparently she is very nice and hard working, who wouldn't like that) cloud their judgment. Let me explain more precisely what I mean by that.

Personally I only study what I need to study online and have no interest in going to public conferences / gatherings. The way I see it is those end up being expensive and I don't learn as much as I can learn online, at my pace, quietly. Also, I don't have a technical level where having a discussion with Vitalik or other projects lead is going to help me more than just reading what's online (yes also most importantly, I would certainly waste their precious time). Actually if I did, I'm still sure live Hangouts are more effective, but different point. I'm pretty sure I'm not alone in this situation, possibly (or not, I don't know) the majority of the people in this ecosystem now function that way. So I've never had the chance to meet /u/insomniasexx. Which means, and that's what I think is the point they are missing: like many others I put a lot of trust into online identities, therefore a breach of trust of such identity is a very important and upsetting event. This exercise is particularly difficult nowadays with the increasing number of scam attempts, which only adds to the frustration when such breach happens.

I have noticed a non-negligible number of key actors of the ecosystem sided with /u/insomniasexx. I think this is wrong. If anything, staying neutral would have been best. Right now we don't have a lot of informations, but we do know she stole the Twitter handle for her new project. By itself and if she had appologized and immediately returned the handle, that would have been just an small mistake, no biggie, but that's not what happened. We also know now that there's a lawsuit against her for not disclosing financial informations. And as most of us know, there's also all that:

All in all, MEW is a key piece of the ecosystem and I feel it has been under attack. I know that /u/insomniasexx has done a great deal for this project to grow and I make sure to keep this in mind. But I will also watch what will happen next with a lot of attention. I expect full transparency and respect, if I don't get both, she won't see me on her new platform, and either way I hope MEW will remain strong. I mean we're all a happy bunch overall and that's great, but sometimes being critical and upset is not a bad thing to express ourselves when we believe something feels very wrong.

Trust & reputation is everything.


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