Ethereum stored in Revolut

So Revolut is now supporting Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin.

For those that haven't heard of or used Revolut, you can find out more by visiting:

The service essentially offers a virtual bank account in a variety of different currencies.

I started using them in order to send sepa transactions to Coinbase as my bank didn't seem to support them.

Their app is really easy to use, especially when you want to send payments in a currency other than your native currency.

Anyway, they have recently started supporting Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin. Now you don't technically own the coins and you can't send them anywhere yet like you can with a normal exchange, but from what I can tell, there are some advantaged such as:

You can get a bank card linked directly to your Revolut account.

The fees are 1.5%, so cheaper than Coinbase, but obviously more than exchanges like Binance.

When using their debit card to do shoping in regular shops. They will echange BTC for FIAT on the fly.

Some people are obviously going to be put off by a few things, such as:

Although cheaper than Coinbase, not the cheapest exchange rates.

They don't yet give you a physical wallet, although it sounds like this should come later on.

Smaller selection of coins than exchanges like Binance.

You can find out more on their official page here:

I've just got access today as it's been restricted up until now. At the moment I've got most of my investment in smaller coins that I think have potential.

I've still got a chunk of money in Ethereum though and will probably move my riskier coins back into Ethereum when I see some decent profits.

I wondered what people's thoughts were on it and if anyone has been using it?