Terrible Token Tuesdays – Upcoming ICOs to Avoid

We come back again this week for a new edition of the Terrible Token Tuesdays. We have some really terrible ICO pitches to show you, hoping that you will be relieved to SOMO (Satisfaction Of Missing Out) on those.

Petro The team does not understand how blockchains work and offers no coherent argument for how Petros are backed by oil.

Lendroid (ICO active) -The founder, Vignesh Sundaresan, has been accused of being the creator of a scam called coins-e.com. No Publicly available Github to show for the alleged smart-contracts that will handle the funds custody.

Hybrid Betting – The founder Emanuele Frisa seems to also be working as a mountain chalet host, which is a weird occupation for someone trying to revolutionise the betting industry! He also fails to mention that on his Linked-IN (maybe a throwaway account) which has 7 contacts and no endorsements.

Wikibits – Significant Lack of Experienced Team Members, and registering for the Alpha Portal requires user to input their Ethereum Wallet address. Doing so to view the MVP is ridiculous!

Krops – Company was delisted on stock exchanges and is attempting to distribute tokens to shareholders, which is most likely illegal! ICO is in fact under investigations from the SEC.

Infinitum Coin (ICO active)- No team, no MVP or Github. Supposedly trying to merge Virtual and physical worlds, it is not clear to us what is the purpose of this project if there is one.

AIOM Buzzword salad of Medical, AI, Blockchain and Voodoo Healing. Lots of spelling mistakes and a team of 3 with no experience in the medical field trying to revolutionize it.

The ConcourseQ team would like to thank M1tzu_79, Skadoosh1, Deez Central Eyes, dvnielng, kerogers, ogcurious, Th3r21ndr0p and all the community for their contributions.

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