Hey Reddit! I made a simple, open source website to archive text on the Ethereum blockchain. Introducing ETHTXT.io

Hey all!

ETHTXT is a simple site that allows you to easily archive text on the ethereum blockchain. There are no fees aside from the gas costs to execute the smart contract.

Archiving text will give you a url like: https://ethtxt.io/mnYDR

I spent the past few weekends building ethtxt as a fun project in order to learn more about web3 / solidity development. This is my first time to open source a project and I'd love to hear your thoughts / receive your stars on github 😉.

You can check out the source code of the web app here

and the solidity contract code verified on the blockchain here

If you'd like to donate to my future dapp development, you can send eth to the following address, but please don't feel obligated! 0xBf99DBC5bd222900eC43f05D8faAe17eAfa6Ca1B

I made this project for fun and will continue to develop more fun projects in the future.

Thanks for checking it out!

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