Send private messages to Ethereum users [beta]

A little while ago I had asked if an app allowing Ethereum users to PM each other would be useful ( and made the first version of it this Saturday:

Anyone can send a message to any Ethereum address here and to read your messages for an account you'd visit the site connected to MetaMask under that account. Super simple. An ordinary database is used so it's free and instant rather than having a smart contract which would cost Ether for every message sent (though I could make that as well).

As before not sure how useful this is but if I were to expand on it I'd also implement the following:

  • Let the user see their sent messages
  • Show the user a list of their contacts who have sent them messages, and who they have sent messages to – clicking on a contact would then open all sent/received messages like a normal messaging app
  • Update the messages for a user soon as one is received rather than the user having to manually refresh

Any feedback appreciated. You can easily test it works by opening the site while connected to an Ethereum network with MetaMask, sending a message to the account you're connected with, and refreshing the page.

Submitted March 03, 2018 at 11:25AM }
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