A time saving way to screen the 1000 over cryptocurrencies

When you first hear about bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, chances are that you will end up on CMC. The number one site to check for price, volume and market cap period.

As you get more experience in the market and start following discussions on reddit and other channels, you slowly start to realise the important of doing your own research. but then where to start from?

Back to CMC you start to sort by price for example, now you can easily see cheap coins, great! but then you want to see those with lowest supply, what you do is sort by supply, great! but you lost track of the first cheap coins you identified.

At this point, you tell yourself you want to be smart and open up excel to track and analyse, wonderful! you spend couple of hours or days to come up with an excel template.

You did a great job and feel proud..wouhou then you realise you need to find a way to update your excel, you start looking into macros and things gets complicated.

long story short, it should be easy not to say simple to screen the 1000 over cryptocurrencies and select only those we are interested in based on specific criteria.

for example it should be easy to find:

  • all coins with a market cap above $50M and a monthly trading volume between $100M and $200M
  • all tokens below 10 cents with a market cap above $100M and a weekly trading volume above $100M
  • all coins and tokens that are up 100% in the past month
  • all coins with high surge in trading volume (to identify PnDs)
  • all coins that are trading on a specific exchange because most time you don’t have accounts with all 150 over exchanges

and the list goes on and on with endless combinations and possibilities.

That’s why we build a cryptocurrency screener that we think you will love. u/cryptometre calls it “A smart GUI for the CMC API” simple to use and will help you narrow down your search quickly to the coins you are looking for saving you lot of time.

please let us know what you think in the comments. do you find it useful? what screening criteria would like to see in the future?

we will be added more filtering criteria, we are currently working on adding the possibility to search for coins based on social media follow/subscriber count.

Link: https://beta.digitalassetdb.com/screener#top

TLDR; ;D: "Having trouble filtering through coins and their different metrics? Our app has the most advanced coin filters currently on the web.”