Question: Do I need to have money on my Kraken Account in order to be able to deposit ETH from Ledger to Kraken?

"Your deposit will be processed once your deposit address has a balance of at least 0.05 ETH. The amount credited will be the balance of your address minus the transaction fee for moving it to our wallet."

Hi, I just sent 0,1 ETH from my Ledger to my Kraken Adress… because i wanted to test if it works. That has been… around 30 minutes ago. And i got nothing on my Kraken Account.

Does that text above (from the kraken page) mean, that i need ETH on my account in order to be able to send ETH to kraken? Or is 0,1 ETH just a amount too low? But it shows as success on Etherscan.

Any help would be welcome… did i do anything wrong? The adress on etherscan is the one from my "Deposit ETH" tab on kraken and it shows the transaction. It just doesn't show on my kraken account.