Question about my portfolio split

My portfolio: 45% ETH, 35% BTC, 20% LTC

I'm just looking to have a discussion about these three cryptos. I'm in r/ethtrader because it's currently my biggest holding. This is the case because when I did my research I felt ETH had more to offer in the long run. I also know I'm not a genius nor am I very experienced in this field so I'm starting to question my decision.

To be perfectly honest I thought the smart contracts were a game changer. Now I'm hearing varying things but it doesn't seem to be as big of a factor (again, I could be totally wrong on this). After seeing the 2018 roadmap I'm definitely curious to see what the year brings.

It's kind of like the off season of sports when the price doesn't move so I'm just trying to start some discussion haha.

TL;DR: ETH/BTC/LTC, what's the ideal portfolio ratio when holding these 3?