There is an upcoming ICO who helps you in real world payment CryptoHawk is an upcoming cryptocurrency exchange that will hosts the world’s most popular digital currencies, and also offer its own currency that entitles owners to a share of the company’s profits. In addition to their online exchange service, the company is also very interested in helping cryptocurrencies gain widespread use and acceptance; they’ve announced plans to distribute credit cards that allow payment with cryptocurrencies in brick-and-mortar stores, and ATMs that will enable the immediate purchase of cryptocurrencies with cash.


FASTER : In order to guarantee a permanent availability of CryptoHawk, we work with an international scalable server network, which can always be adapted to the demand.

BETTER: Swiss Standard is the world's first solution for a complete package that combines everything that is really important. CryptoHawk is the optimal solution for the current market situation.

SAFER: CryptoHawk relies on the latest technical security and encryption methods and offers users maximum security. The protection of your data is important to us and has a high priority.

SMATER: Our convenient all-in-one solution allows users to manage all trades, purchases and profits on a single page. This is a completely new concept and simplifies daily processes enormously.

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