Terrible Token Tuesdays – Upcoming ICOs to #SOMO

Welcome to Terrible Token Tuesdays! We hope that the #SOMO (Satisfaction Of Missing Out) on these terrible ICO pitches will be as therapeutic for you as it has been to us while working them out. Enjoy!

SyntheticsAI – https://concourseq.io/Q/SyntheticsAI Shilled by John Mcafee in a new “creative” way (Check the Red flags section). Project has some weird and wild claims while having no verifiable AI tech talent on the team. Promises 6x increase on exchange listing to pre-sale participants. Thrive – https://concourseq.io/Q/Thrive Alleged Proof of concept is an un-published chrome extension that counts click. Source code is not even on their public Github. With AI Buzzwords thrown around, while Version 11.0 of the Whitepaper still contains spelling mistakes.

BlockFood – https://concourseq.io/Q/BlockFood Blockfood states that it is a non-profit, but does not appear to be registered as one. Has some serious contradictions in the business model, and seems to be aiming to use raised funds for other projects!

Streamity – https://concourseq.io/Q/Streamity For a decentralised exchange trying to compete with 0x and Kyber.network, the project has no MVP, no Github development, its Whitepaper has no technical details, and a lot of team members do not list the project on their LinkedIn.

Krops – (https://concourseq.io/Q/Krops Company was delisted on stock exchanges and is attempting to distribute tokens to shareholders while ICO is under investigations from the SEC. The Securities & Exchange commission of the Philippines has issued a Cease and desist order to Krops. There was also a documented attempt to get a positive ICO review by the project!

The Abyss – https://concourseq.io/Q/The_Abyss (KYC Tomorrow) Project has a Multi-Level Referral system with 5 levels that seems like MLM schemes. Fiat can be used on the platform rendering the token practically useless.

The ConcourseQ team would like to thank everybody that helped on these DDs and all the others! If you want to join our community, meet us on our Discord