ETH Ready for Reversal to $1200 in Two Months (May 2018)

Ethereum is looking just like bitcoin did before Goldman Sachs said it would retrace first … and then it went to $20K. Retracing is just about complete now with the Binance hacking claims fueling the volatility.

The news taking place right now are redistributing a lot of coin values. CoinBase is doing an index fund and not focusing on alts. More ICOs keep happening on the Ethereum platform. Mining difficulty is set to increase with GPU farms and new Nvidia cards coming out soon.

Technical progress and scaling, while not new, is just around the corner.

This won't get back to the previous high but is close to it.

I'm feeling that an increase of about 50% in about two months time is a reasonable target.

Anyone else feeling this way about a positive outlook in two months?