Help with wanting to look into Block Chain development.

This is probably going to seem very newbie indeed. But basically I am about to start a few online courses in web and app development. I'm hoping to learn a few programming languages and see if I can head towards a career in development.

I have been following how block chain technology has been going and recently it has occurred to me that I could be a part of this exciting leap…maybe. So I was wondering a few things and wondering if someone can help me:

1.) is it feasible to consider learning how to be a block chain developer, considering I have a minimal understanding of coding at the moment? I have heard it is particularly difficult.

2.) if it is (yippee!), what direction should I be researching in, in relation to block chain development?

And 3.) does it seem that there will be careers available using the technology in the near future? As I really love the idea of it and wonder if it seems companies would hire someone who develops block chains.

Any information would be greatly appreciated!


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