Should I invest time into learning to program dApps?

Recently I've tried getting into programming smart contract via this udemy course ( But before investing further time into it I have some basic questions about ETH:

  1. What stops people from just copying a smart contract and undermining the company that is behind it? It seems like this will just prevent companies from developing smart contracts when they can't hide their code and it can be stolen so easily.

  2., Is this all ETH smart contracts currently are? Gambling and simple gaming apps? Are there any working dApps with bigger goals and visions than those? Most of the projects on the second sites have been abandoned and don't even work.

I thought that the progress on dApps would have been greater than this and I am a bit letdown by those projects. That's why I stopped and tried to reasess if it's even worth it to get into programming smart contracts. Anyone in a similar situations and can restore my faith into ETH? I've started as an investor into crypto but I am a technical person and I like blockchain tech.

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