Discussion: SEC trying to centralize development/investment?

Hi everyone,

I had a random thought that I wanted to discuss.

Governments around the world have agreed that blockchain development is important, and shouldn't be stifled, we know this.

But right now, the global market (and it is global) allows citizens of any country to fund the development of a company based in any country. Now, this is a great thing for development, and is probably the fairest thing that could happen.

But what if the United States -like China- is seeing a lot of money go to companies outside the US, and want to stop that? If you want to own a new technology wave ( US has been the development leader for a long time, with silicon valley), and you see it's crossing borders easily, perhaps crippling the exchanges is the fastest way to centralize development?

Binance is not in the US, of course. So if the US gov. made it illegal to trade on any non-USA exchange, that pulls a LOT of money out of MOST of the blockchain companies (including many American companies).

I realize this is a little tin-foil hat, but I don't have any delusions about the chess games that are played at the top of the heap.

This is speculation and just random theorizing, but it's certainly a move to drive traders to fewer exchanges, pooling revenue.

*Tin foil hat on.