This court case may decide whether tokens are securities, please send legal reinforcement the defendant attorney’s way

Making it thus a David and Goliath showdown, so having a legal aid defendant against an army of SEC lawyers. Which is why participants in this ecosystem – perhaps those that have raised millions in token sales, or ConsenSys or some fine lawyer who wants to make a name for himself – might want to file briefs in support of the defence.

Because this may be a precedent setting case, with the fate of a billion dollars industry and perhaps that of innovation in America standing on the hands of a Cornell Law School graduate and trial attorney.

tl;dr: First US court case to decide whether a token is a security or not, may be precedent-setting. The defendant attorney is not addressing the fraud in the specific ICO, but questions the whole indictment based on the applicability of securities laws to tokens. She's alone against a team of SEC lawyers. If you are a lawyer or a big crypto firm, this may be your time.

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