Come for the revolution and stay for the profits.

I'd just like to make my position clear on why I'm invested. Web 3 is a misleading term. People are acting like we're financing the reinvention of broadband. That's ludicrous. Decentralization is slow and expensive. The more actors involved, the more inefficient.

Cryptocurrencies are the prospect of providing sound money to those with no access to it. There is no such thing as sound money without the ability to enforce agreements. We are financing automated governance. That's what currencies are really backed by. That's why it's called 'legal tender'. Digital gold is completely unnecessary and irrelevant.

I'm not interested in disrupting amazon or apple or google. I'm interested in disrupting the global power structure. Cryptocurrencies have a lot of fucking work cut out for them. Not everything that needs to be done will be profitable. Not everything needs it's own currency.

If you're just coming for the profits, make them short term. If you're here to finance a revolution, you should only concern yourself with developing a greater position for when the space has matured enough to give central bureaucracies a run for their money.