Costs to develop a decentralized app on ethereum?

So I am researching on implementing a blockchain R&D team in my organization and am working on a business model for the product development or services regarding this tech. And what I want to know in more detail are the finances for developing a blockchain database and/or a dApp on etherum.

Obviously it depends on the type of database or app, but I just want to understand the general costs that I should be accounting for. We really don't have a solid idea as of right now so generalized costs should be fine.

Currently Im proposing a small team of 7 developers who have a relatively good understanding of networks, database structures, and coding languages (front-end & back-end). I'd like to know what hardware and infrastructure may be required.

P.S: Does anyone have information regarding pricing structures for Blockchain as a Service, or how current organizations are pricing for development and maintenance.

Any information will be helpful, thanks 🙂

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