Foxfolio – An open source desktop app to automatically track your holdings across exchanges

About half a year ago I started to build a desktop application to track my exchange balances at one single place without adding each trade manually.

This resulted in Foxfolio:

It uses the awesome ccxt project to connect to many different exchanges and retrieves your balances using your API key. These balances are then displayed in the app, together with current prices and charts. Meanwhile, your data never leaves your computer.

You can also manually add balances, e.g. for your wallets.

I would love to get more feedback on the app, so if you are interested grab one of the releases from GitHub and try it out! I currently build releases for Windows and Linux here.

Oh, and if you want to help build the app, feel free to add issues and/or pull requests. Some items on the roadmap are tracking your trades and win/loss calculation.