Use Web3.js to view ETH history of addresses

I made a quick app using Web3.js so that you can browse the ETH Balance history of different addresses (both contracts and users). The site should work for everyone, even if you do not have Metamask installed.

Source on github:

Using this, you are actually able to check out some of the history of some famous contracts, directly from the blockchain and its immutable history 🙂

Check out the DAO contract and how quickly funds got sucked out of that address when it got hacked:

Check out the POWHcoin address, which also got hacked:

Check how the EthDev wallet has been paying out the developers:

Check out the ETH Pyramid contract, and how it is died down in activity:

Anyway, I will be writing a short tutorial on the Web3 aspect of this app tomorrowish, but play around with it and let me know if there are bugs!