We are Part Of Investment Banking Revolution.

The establishment of community investment banks is based on a business agreement, trust mechanisms and the reward system of blockchain technology. With the development of digital currency in the past few years, the basic underlying technology has been through some initial development. Blockchain technology is increasingly being applied to industries other than digital currency, which will bring a new vitality to all aspects of the real economy. The core of blockchain technology is decentralization, therefore it can effectively prevent all kinds of moral hazards caused by the centralized management of traditional investment banks, all while improving operational efficiency through collective wisdom and concerted efforts. With the further maturation of other supporting technologies, a subversive reform is imperative

Banca is a decentralized, intelligent investment bank community focusing on crypto assets. The community has its business protocols, trust mechanism and reward system all built on blockchain technology. We use AI and expert system to achieve the dynamics of Banca's ecosystem and the automatic management. Big data analysis is utilized to deliver accurate services to various participants with specific needs