A tool to help our non-crypto friends to get into crypto trading without risk by participating in easy airdrops, where all you need is an Eth ERC20 wallet (and exchange accounts)

Hello everyone, after doing a lot of airdrops and making lists of them for my friends i decided to build up on that. Create a tool that makes it easy to participate in a lot of Airdrops. I think this is really nice for people who are sceptical about crypto and can experience and invest in it without paying a dime. And once they have their first coin, they are addicted.. you know the feeling 🙂

I will update the website regularily with new Airdrops and infos about them. Featured Airdrops have 4 states: upcoming->active->finished->paid.

You can also track which ones you have done and then filter through those properties. f.e. show all not-done active airdrops. or all paid done ones, etc.

I am in early stage of development, a lot in mind to add, and would like any feedback!

Link: https://worthyairdrops.com