” Designed to protect sensitive data “

One of the biggest challenge for the future of digital economy and digital world resides in preserving secrecy and ensuring privacy. But, citizens and economical actors don't just want only secrecy, they also want quantifiable secrecy. The point is not only to ensure confidentiality of data, but also to be able to be sure that confidentiality of data is ensured. One of the way to provide the expected solution to protect quantifiable privacy is to rely on cryptographic based solution. Data Security is no longer a luxury or an afterthought. With so much of our private, personal, and sensitive information being stored and transmitted online, tight security and privacy are now necessities for everyone.


Blockchain technology has been one of the major technological breakthroughs of this century. Bitcoin, the first Blockchain application, allows a network of users to perform transactions without requiring the trust of anyone on the network, or a third party. Everything is encrypted, and nobody can tamper with the Blockchain without everyone else noticing immediately.


Cryptelo company is an effective path to solve a worldwide security problem – providing totally secure shared data solution with no compromise between security and user-friendliness in removing risks of relying on third-parties in the chain of trust. Our vision is one in which digital information is as secure as the information in a person’s own mind. Human security risks can never be eliminated, but we believe that all systemic security risks have a solution. Message Input

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