Be very careful when you are choosing a cryptocurrency wallet

As you know that the digital currencies are not registered under the law of any country. So, you have to be very careful when you are choosing a cryptocurrency wallet for your digital currency. Because if you choose a wrong wallet for your Digital Currency, you may lose all of your money in no time.

At this moment (April 2018), below listed wallets are best we got to store Cryptocurrencies. I use the first one.

There are dozens of online wallet options available for crypto but some of the best are:


Metatip is Transparent and faster transactions built on Metaverse blockchain. it is 10x faster, 1000x cheaper than BTC and ETH. you can do Fastest transaction running between 30 to 90 seconds. they have achieved one of the fastest transfer rates at the cheapest price to send compared to any cryptocurrency alternatives to date. Currently the fee is only 0.0001 ETP per transaction. Metaverse facilitates the running of decentralized code in concurrence with smart contracts, enabling transparent, secure, fast and reliable services and payment handling.

2- Ledger Blue: This one is more advanced than the previous one. It is not only bigger in size but has a lot of new options which we have never seen in any other cryptocurrency wallet yet. Due to its stylish look, advance feature and specification, this is one of the most expensive hardware wallets available in the market. But it is totally worth because you are not just getting a wallet to secure your digital currencies but complete personal security devices which also features the touchscreen, Bluetooth, and USD connectivity.

3- Coinpayments:

Coinpayments is a web-based digital currency wallet. It becomes popular when they allowed more than 75 currencies to be stored in their online wallet account. It is free and there has no charges on the registration. The website only cut the transaction fee when you transfer your digital currency from one place to another place through their wallet account. The best thing which makes me use Coinpayments is their visibility. It is one of those online wallets whose payment has been now accepted by hundreds of online stores.

4- Exodus:

exodus wallets The first impression of Exodus was just WOW. I mean you just need to check that how advance the online web-based cryptocurrency wallet they are offering to the users. If you are looking for a wallet for your digital currency which has graphics features, reporting system, colorful and easy to use then Exodus needs to be on your list to use because it has all of this in a very sensible way. The other online wallets do provide almost the same features but their presentation style is not exclusive as the design of Exodus.

5- Jaxx:

Most of the features, which Jaxx is offering, are same as any other wallet but some of the features are exclusively offered by Jaxx for their premium users. These features are mostly related to the mobile devices.

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