EIP 958: Ethash for ASIC RESISTANCE ?

To begin with, I jumped to crypto June last year after research enough on ethash vision on trully decentralised PoW protocol due to it's ASIC RESISTANCE in nature that allows any public to join ethereum network via GPU mining.

GPU MINING – controlled by 2 well known public company (amd and Nvidia). I must said they do their best on providing all supply to allow all gpus can land into their precious customers (gamers & miners). – due to spike on mining demand, amd & Nvidia did struggle to meet mining demand. However, they are doing their best transparently to meet our demand by supplying parts. – at least they will not mine behind us just because they are the tools (GPU) creators.

I watched the entire core Dev meeting this week (6 April 2018), personally I found a little bit disappointment due to the statement come from team around ASIC is only little bit better performance & cheaper.. it does not have security concern.. hence there is better to just wait Casper implementation which they also not sure when it will arrive in very soon.

Few opinion from me 1. Do you think bitmain really so nice like amd or Nvidia, they announce new product and sell to us miners and let us enjoy the mining while they enjoy from profit on selling machine only ? – why bitmain pumping the entire network till now April and start selling it ? And you as miners who decide to buy their product..only start shipping at June/July ? Reason: if a single point having too much network power but still want more hash power without public notice, how to manipulate? SELL SOME TO OTHERS – why miners only get it starting shipping at June ? Production need time ? You must be kidding me.. Reason: personally bitmain should satisfied their current portion on network & also done their private selling to their business partner. NOW US AS MINERS, WE GET THE LEFTOVER.

  1. Do you really think this is the only machine bitmain can achieve ? I'm surprised core developer take it so lightly on this issue. It might be due to their vision and effort is fully switch to Proof of Stake. But don't forget.. now still proof of work.. Business as usual need to take care of. Better hashrate machine is coming soon..

  2. Core developer categorised ASIC as better product of GPU. As long they didn't hurt network on security level. They are OK for this. This is the most dissatisfaction moment when I hear the entire meeting. Ethereum supposed to be ASIC RESISTANCE.. now you categorised ASIC is little bit better than GPU as product.. so we ok for this ? I demand more explanation for this from core Dev.

Do you think ASIC is good for community as whole ? Or we should just take care on network only.. like it or not community is the second consideration..

I believe eth until today can be so successful is due to two reasons 1. Dev working so hard 2. Strong community on believing this network due to welfare was divided equally through pow incentives..

I hope I digest the meeting result wrongly. Core Dev should not forget point no 2.. Without taking care of community, the ecosystem is breaking apart..

Note: I believe this post will not be agreed by most people.

But I want to know how many people willing to push the EIP 958 to be put on the priority to defend ethereum as TRULY ASIC RESISTANCE

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