XMR hash rate dropped by over 80% after ASIC hard fork

All I can say is I tried. I mined ETH faithfully for the last two years because I believed in Ethereum and the dev team. I never sold a single coin. I like a lot of other miners were extremely disappointed in the dev meeting last week by the slap in the face they gave the GPU miners and refused to even consider moving forward with a very small change to stop the ASICs.

All the miners know but until yet have been unable to prove Bitmain has driven both hashrates up and prices down by mining our coins and selling them. Well now we have proof as Monero difficulty has dropped by 80% since their anti ASIC fork.

We tried guys, so now comes the inevitable switch of miners from ETH to XMR which will now leave Ethereum vulnerable to Bitmain. Soon only ASICs will be mining ETH.

If you are a miner go to WhatToMine.com and set difficulty and profitability for now. Monero is 2x more profitable than Ethereum. You had your chance dev team to give the loyalist miners a reason to stay with ETH and you laughed at us. We shall see who has the last laugh.

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