Urgent: We need you. From 01:00 hours UTC / GTM (a few minutes more) we will write in Social Networks of Banks Chile 9 APR. DE 2018 – #NoAlBoicot

ChileQuiereCryptos #noboycott

Given the arbitrary decision made by the Chilean banks, the closing of the current accounts of the exchange that operate in the country is imminent as of Monday. For this reason it will be impossible for Chileans to negotiate with cryptocurrencies using Chilean pesos.

If you are tired of a small group of people and companies making decisions for you or if you believe that cryptocurrencies and BlockChain technology are necessary for the development of the globalized world, we ask that on Sunday, April 9 at 01:00 UTC / GTM. Use the #NoAlBoicot and #ChileQuiereCryptos Hashtags in addition to the one you want to add. To leave messages on the social networks shown below. Maybe this is the only way to let it be known that there are many of us who are behind this innovation and make ourselves heard.

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