The vision is the groundbreaking disruption of the old education industry through Blockchain


While e-learning continues to grow in popularity, the certification remains an issue as there is no guideline that is accepted by all companies, countries, and institutions. Finishing a course on platform currently gives you a certificate for said topic, but does not provide any value outside the website. Missing translations, varying topics, and many other issues play a huge factor in this. Especially in aspects that do not need a specific language, this remains an ongoing issue. Coding, graphic designs and many more jobs in the world wide web do not rely on a specific language and are therefore internationally usable.


Many schools across the world have a similar problem when it comes to the education of young students, engagement. This is a constant struggle that teachers commonly face regardless of subject matter. Educators struggle to engage their students with current curriculum methods and oftentimes end up leaving their students unsatisfied.


By bringing education on the blockchain, we aim to erase all the outlaid issues in the chapter before With ALICE and the advanced smart-contract-technology behind it, you can save your CV in code that is accepted worldwide. Finishing a course, now, at any partner website will be stored as a smart contract within the blockchain. You can now apply for any job with just a public key of your smart contract. It may also be stored on a plug and play ready hardware wallet or smartcard. The company you are applying for will see exactly what you have done in online courses, which eliminates all misunderstandings. This will result in better jobs for you and more suitable employees for the company. This will not only save the job candidate money and time in the process but also eliminate most of the risks for employers. Fraud is prevented as the code in the smart contract cannot be altered. By finding the perfect candidate for a position within seconds in our planned network, both sides save a tremendous amount of time in the process.

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