Blockchain based Augmented intelligence Platform

The first Augmented Intelligence platform SaaS App that brings intelligently analysed data to the trader using automation and decentralized strategy sharing.

Full Automation of XchangeRate Robot with PRR nd FR, Full Automation of XchangeRate Robot with SI XchangeRate parses through the metric attributes of each coin on the exchange and loops through the strategy filter for entry signals and rates them on a scale of preference and fires a trigger through qualifying positions, loops the criteria using automation on entry and exits and in rounds and cycles.

His mission is provide a platform with an array of essential, powerful and valuable trading tools using augmented intelligence. Successful day trading requires making decisions based on several market movements. Gathering the relevant information quickly and effortlessly requires advanced metric intelligence and automation.

XchangeRate provides all of that and more in a blend that makes it easy and quick to start reaping the profits and safely too. We proudly introduce our product to the World.